The Froo – a new vegan

My philosophy on veganism may seem strange to some…the truth is…


I do not feel it is wrong to eat animals. 

Yes…I said it. To the vegans out there, I’m still one of you! Please don’t bash my head in. To everyone else, no I’m not a hypocrite, yes I am an animal lover.While I do not believe eating meat is wrong…

I do have a HUGE problem with the way we FARM animals.

I have a undergraduate degree of Applied Human Nutrition from University of Guelph and a Registered Nursing degree from York University. Through these two degrees I’ve had opportunities to be exposed to information to gain new perspectives of the way we eat and live. In nutrition, I see what is being taught (portions, etc) and what is being enacted in everyday life. In nursing, I see how diet can tremendously impact one’s health (ps. heads up, it’s like…90% diet, and 10% physical activity, or something like that).

I am also an animal lover. To prove my love for animals, I will post pictures of me snuggling with my cats later (please sense the sarcasm, I know I don’t do it well). So how could I be a vegan, be against farming animals, be an animal lover and pet owner, yet still say eating meat is okay??? HOW IS THAT even possible??

Firstly, let’s address being an animal lover. I have grown up with pets for as long as I was out of the womb. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, rabbits, monkey, duck, chicks, snake…I think that about covers it. I love every animal out there. Yes, insects creep me out and I am SO allergic to their bites, but I always try not to kill them. Just the other day I saw a big moth flying around in a yurt I was staying in. The Mr said he will kill it, but I told him “the moth is just trapped here looking for a way out! Let’s open the door and see if it can find its way…”This sentence was LITERALLY interrupted by a HUGE spider jumping out of nowhere and grabbed the moth. This horrendous event happened right in front of our eyes! We looked at each other with mouths dropped to the FLOOR. Like…did I just witness first degree murder right now? 

The truth is…no, I didn’t witness murder. That was feeding. It’s what happens in nature. Predators feed on preys to survive. Simple as that. I love all animals, that’s why I have a hard time watching nature documentaries. I know that lion needs to eat that baby deer for survival. Trust me, I get that…but doesn’t make it easier to watch. That brings me to my point. Are we not children of nature? Are we not made omnivores for a reason (haha yes, so we can become vegans…you clever vegans out there for an argument for everything)? Did our ancestors not eat meat? Yes, we ate, and eat meat. We are creatures that need survival. That is our main purpose in this life. Of course, filling your dreams and changing the world and all, but staying alive everyday is what we do. Our way of surviving is looking more and more different than the animal kingdom though. Instead of hunting for our food, we farm animals. When we used to hunt we would follow the herds, maybe a whole family would live off a buffalo for weeks at a time. It was hard work hunting so we ate only what we needed to and didn’t waste anything. I mean, can you imagine hunting an actual animal with handmade tools and not some new world technology? Every time you did that, there was a chance you could be killed. Even if you LOVE meat, would you still indulge everyday in large portions if you had to do that yourself?

But we have dissociated ourselves from that “ancient” way of living. We now shop in grocery stores where meat doesn’t have a face. It’s just wrapped in plastic with a sticker on it. We buy in bulk, we eat in bulk, we waste in bulk. We on average eat doubled the daily recommended intake of protein (which is why I do not believe in protein supplements..but that’s another rant). If an animal was hunted and eaten, we would feel appreciative for that animal. He/she fed us and our families. We would thank them. But now…we literally bring life to the world just so we can kill them and eat them. I just don’t agree with this. This is not the way we are meant to live. Now please hear me when I say this.

I am not endorsing hunting. Please do not hunt animals. 

Maybe if our farming industry did not exist to the extend it did today I would be okay with hunting for food. But we have already taken so many animal’s lives. Why the need to hunt? There is no need at all. Please don’t. And to do it for sport…I think you know how I feel about that.

Now, moving onto the vegan part. Why not just be vegetarian? Trust me, if I could I would. I am a lover of cheese…of all kind. I honestly don’t even think I can talk about it without wanting to cry. Oh yeah, I’m seriously. But did you know…dairy farms have to keep making cows have calves so they produce milk? DUH, that’s how it works with humans and we are all mammals right? This has never occurred to me. As stupid as this sounds, I kind of just thought moo cows always had milk. These poor cows are connected to a machine that pumps milk out of them all day every day. They are forced to go through labour to birth calves that are taken away to be raised for meat (if male) or milk (if female). And and get this, once these cows are too old, they are sent to a nice retirement home by the water where they are pampered everyday and treated like goddesses and worshipped. Or…you know, they get killed for meat.

So, this is why I became vegan.

You may think I’m completely nuts and that I shouldn’t be vegan. Maybe you think my philosophy is twisted and doesn’t embody real veganism. Or perhaps you even agree with me. But the truth is….I don’t really care. And neither should you. This is just like anything else. Do it for yourself. Do what feels right to you. If you want to stop eating meat, go ahead. If you want to still eat eggs, go ahead. If you want to live off only broccoli for the rest of your life, go ahead (but please look into multi-supplements or something). The point is, veganism is a lifestyle like any other. There isn’t one way to do it. As long as you need in mind why you are doing it, and willing to try new things and learn new perspectives you’ll be fine. Until next time!



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