Gimme that quac!


My almost daily snack or lunch


It’s hard figuring out what to eat most days…

I’ve never been a big meat eater. But like…I’ve never been a good cook when it comes to vegetables. I can make a mean burger, pork chops, baked chicken – whatever the meat is I’m good at seasoning it. Veggies were also a side dish. Never the main attraction.

To all of a sudden cook with only veggies…it’s HARD! And people that say vegan food taste better than meat…I think they’re lying. I love myself some chicken wings and pulled pork from time to time that’s for sure.

But I’ve found the answer…it’s GUAC

Now…I don’t know how to make fancy guac. And I eat way too much to be buying store quac for like…$5-7 a container? I can use a whole container on two slices of toast! So I cheat.

For two quac loaded toasts I use:

2 ripe avocados


2 heaping spoons of salsa (I like garlic chipotle)


salt + pepper

2 multigrain rye bread


Mix avocados with salsa, salt and pepper to taste. I toast my bread. Then spread and stuff your face!

I’m sure real quac would taste better. Blah blah. I’m no cook. I am hungry. This is what I make…and it taste pretty darn good!



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