I love CHILI…vegan chili


It taste almost as good as regular chili!

So far I’ve made my feelings very clear that vegan foods do not taste…very great. I miss all the foods I love so much! One of my favourite dishes was chili. I made chili on the regular with ground beef and cheddar cheese.

I gotta say though…this chili is pretty good. Of course, it doesn’t taste like chili with ground meat. But it’s still very very yummy for vegan food. Definitely worth a try and very easy to make.

I don’t have the exact measurements…because I just hate using recipes. Each time  I make something it’s a little different…so use this as a guide and adjust according to your taste. As for the veggies…I feel you could put almost anything in there. If it’s a hard veggie to cook, like carrot, cut it in smaller pieces…and if it’s easier like mushrooms leave it chunky. That way you don’t have to put veggies in at different times.

  1. Cut onion, carrot, mushroom, jalapeno pepper, garlic cloves. Saute in oil with bulgur (~2/3 cup) until onion is translucent (~7-10mins).
  2. Add salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin. Could also add any other spices you like.
  3. Dice 2-3 tomatoes depending on the size. Add to pot, add tomato sauce/paste, water. Make sure there is enough liquid. Bulgur needs sufficient liquid to cook, they will 2x their size.
  4. Cover and cook until bulgur becomes chewy in texture. Stir occasionally.

This is my first time cooking with bulgur and I didn’t realize they expand so much! I tasted it while cooking and it was running a little bland because I had to add extra water for the bulgur…so I mixed in salsa and some pasta sauce I had lying around.

Total cooking time ~ 1 hr.

Fresh cilantro while serving. Hope you make this recipe and enjoy! I made enough for 7 days it’s so good.



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