Love potpie?


Mouthwatering deliciousness!

I LOVE potpie. I love the creamy fillings. I love the crispy savoury pastry. I love the small portions. I just love it all!

This is a very easy, very practical recipe for vegan potpie. You will have left overs. This one batch can last me a week and I share it with the meat eater in this house. He loves it too. Again, I don’t use a specific recipe so my measurements aren’t exact. Eyeballing is the best way to cook…no?

  1. Cut a handful of mushrooms into slices. The rest of the veggies chop into dices: 1 large onion, 1 JUMBO carrot, 2 celery stalk (smaller dices), 2 large potatoes. Chop ~ 1 cup broccoli/cauliflower, ~ 1 cup green beans into desired size. Pretty sure you can add whatever other veggies you like ex. peppers.
  2. In large skillet/saucepan, heat 1-2 tablespoon of oil. Saute veggies ~ 5-6 mins. Add salt, pepper, cumin, chili flakes, chili powder and soy sauce. Whatever else spice you like to season.
  3. Pour ~ 1-2 cups of veggie broth and simmer. Add enough liquid that the veggies are soaked, but not floating in broth. I like the filling to be really cooked. I left mine on the stove simmering until the potatoes were soft.
  4. Mix cornstarch and water in a little container, make sure there are no lumps. Add to the veggies, stir often and simmer until thickens. Again, how much cornstarch to add depends on how much veggies you’re cooking and how much broth you added. Go slow. Start with 1 tablespoon cornstarch. To be sure to mix it with as little water as possible, cornstarch dissolves so easily and smoothly you really don’t need a lot of liquid.
  5. After the filling has been cooked to your desired level, and the brother is thicken. Fill pie crust. You can do double crust, or I’m lazy so I just got little tin foil potpie, filled them, then rolled a ready-to-bake pie crust pastry on top. Baked at 420 ~ 10 mins, until top is golden brown.

I only baked whatever amount I wanted to eat. Since my fillings were already made I just heated that up on the stove when filling a new pie. The cornstarch would loose it’s thickness once you put it in the fridge. I suggest adding a little water/broth and some cornstarch to the filling while you’re heating it up on a saucepan on the stove. Then, fill pie crust and bake.

The filling can keep up to 1 week…I think. I’ve always finished it in 5 days ish so I’m not sure how long it will keep. But trust me, this taste so good you’ll eat it all in no time.

Hope you give this a try!



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