Not so good with this blog thing…

Wow, am I ever bad at blogging. Props to anyone to regularly posts and updates! It sure is hard work. I just cannot believe it’s almost May already of the new year. Feels like it was just yesterday that I celebrated New Years!

My mama always told me that by the time I feel time is passing by fast…it means I am getting older, and from this point, time will only pass by faster. What a happy thought. Oh well, age is just a number after all. I still am not used to when people refer to me as a “woman” or an “auntie”. 26? I still feel like I’m just 17!

New and exciting things have happened this year. In July I would have been Vegan for 1 year! Not going to lie, I have cheated a few times…sushi is my weakness…So I guess I am 95% vegan, and 5% fish eater. However, I am looking to change that still. Just trying not to make myself feel too bad or be too hard on myself, or on others. Who are the vegan police out there? Shoot me then.

I have also switched to vegan products! Which is really exciting, as now I can spend even longer looking up ingredient lists as I shop. Why are the writing so small! But, it is all worth it as I am discovering great brands.

And…last but not least. I am now official a Registered Nurse! AND, working as one. Even though it is really tiring, I am loving it so much. Just a shout out to all the nurses out there who are also moms…I don’t know how you do it. After a 12 hour shift I cannot be anything when I get home. I am lucky that my partner is currently not working, so he does everything for me. I literally do not need to lift one single finger. On top of that, he gives me massages! Yes, I am spoiled. But I just cannot imagine having to go home and actually take care of a family. To cook, to help kids to their homework, to play with them. All I have to do is feed my three cats and I’m already feeling like it’s too much. I must applaud you all. I hope one day I can do what you do.


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