The little fur that changed my life

Please meet ROBIN.

I adopted this special little girl around 1.5 year ago and she’s completely changed my life.

I have always grown up with pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs, birds, fish, chicks, ducks, you name it. But this is “mine” first pet. I always thought of myself as a dog person. We had a cat once named Mimi, I can hardly remember her though. I’ve always thought of cats as cold, calculating, cunning, and stuck up. Haha, while that is still true sometimes…Robin really changed my opinion of cats.

After we moved into our own apartment I thought it would be a good idea to adopt a pet. I would have loved to get a dog but I thought it would be too much for our neighbours. Out of necessity and lack of options I decided to adopt a cat. Originally I had found someone from Kijiji that was selling their kitty named Oreo – a tuxedo little boy. However, this person stopped returning my calls the morning of us going to pick the cat up! I was pretty upset! I was determined to get a cat that day! We went to our local PetSmart store where adoptions were available via Toronto Humane Society. The moment we saw Robin we knew she was the one. And…I like to think she also knew. When we walked into the store she just stared at us with such hopeful eyes. She was so gentle and sweet and had the cutest green eyes and little pink nose. While we were filling out the paper and buying her living needs she watched us the whole time. She clawed at the window trying to get to us.

Before we left the staff told us to release her into one room first to establish her “territory” and “safe spot”. She encouraged us to give Robin time and space to get to know us… lol well we didn’t follow the rules. As soon as she got home we opened the carrier and left her out. We set up her food, water, and litter box and she roamed around our apartment. There was no hint of shyness and hesitancy. She was at home. When David lied down on the couch, Robin jumped onto his lap and purred herself to sleep.

From that moment on we were all inseparable. She went everywhere we went. She slept on the bed with me. She would sit beside me when I eat. Lick my leg when I did dishes. Walk me to the door when I left for work and welcome me at the door when I came back. The very first night, David and I wanted to play cards but Robin would not leave us lol so we played cards on her tummy while she slept.

I love this little fur with all of my heart. She is my responsibility and I am her human mommy. I vow to take the best care of her, for as long as I live. I spent days and days researching for the best diet. Even though David and I do not consume meat anymore, we still make her raw food from scratch to provide a species appropriate diet. We get so much joy from caring for Robin that we decided to adopt two more cats. We are now a family of 5 – David and I, Robin, Cece, and little Fletcher. We are cat people now! All because of this little fur.

I hope we can all adopt cats and kittens, and make sure we neuter/spay pets we have now. If it’s possible, please do not buy from breeder. There are so many animals out there needing love and a safe home. They will bring you more joy than you can imagine! They will change your life.


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