I am a new vegan. I’ve been thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan for a few years but was never able to commit to it. However, after watching a few documentaries and learning about veganism I decided to make the switch.

I am learning and discovering new things every single day. It is very exciting but also hard at times. I have never been a big meat eater but I sure love my cheese. Brie cheese, blue cheese, harvarti…everything is heaven to me!

However, I keep in mind my reasons for choosing this lifestyle, which may contradict other vegans…(find my story here). I use social media everyday to help me stay focused. When things are rough or I’m running out of ideas for meals I check Instagram (my Instagram). Connecting with other vegans were so helpful to me that it inspired me to start this blog!

On here you will find a variety of things, from recipes, to vegan philosophy, to updates on life. Not everything will focus on veganism, as I hope one day being vegan would became so innateΒ to me that it becomes second nature. This blog is really just a virtual playground for my thoughts! Hope you enjoy and can find it helpful.